Feel free to contact us if the below FAQs don’t answer your questions.

Yes. Each unit is on a separate title. In addition you may be allocated a carport for your exclusive use.

Resident owners or approved nominated occupiers who are over 55 years of age.

We see this as the social and administrative centre of the Village. The resident managers live in the residence above.

The village manager is responsible for the welfare of the community, the supervision of maintenance and upkeep, the organisation and co-ordination of social activities along with the social committee members and the general book-keeping and administration of the Village.

In the instance of an emergency that requires urgent assistance, press your call button which will register at the Managers’ office or residence. Each of the managers carries a pager unit and will also receive a call on their mobile phone to say that a call has been registered. Therefore, no matter what time of day or night, your call will be answered promptly.

Yes. There is an ample selection of doctors available in Drysdale and a much wider choice in Geelong. Local doctors’ surgeries are an easy walk from the Village but should you wish, house calls can be arranged at any time.

No, but appropriate nursing assistance is available through the local Council’s Home Care and Aged Services staff.

No, but “Meals on Wheels” can be organised.

You simply advise the manager who can arrange for a valuation of your unit to determine its market value and the selling price. When the sale is made, you will receive the sale price less the Deferred Management Fees and usual selling costs as detailed in the Contract of Sale.

The process to make an Offer of Purchase is very simple. Upon payment of a $1000 holding deposit, we will then withdraw your nominated unit from the market and allow you a reasonable period to sell your home and arrange settlement. A one page memorandum setting out the proposed terms of sale needs to be completed and we will then have our lawyers provide you with the formal contract documentation. We will give you at least 21 days to consider this paperwork before signing. This will enable you discuss it with your family and lawyer.