Welcome to Drysdale Retirement Village.

Relaxed living in the heart of the Bellarine Peninsula.

At Drysdale Retirement Village you’ll find a way of life that allows you to do what you want, when you want, within the framework of security and care that residents enjoy. We believe retirement shouldn’t be an end to active years.

On the contrary, it’s a time to start living!

The Drysdale Retirement Village has been home to so many happy memories since 1984. We hope it will become your new home very soon!

Need some help?
We’ll find a solution to help you purchase a unit.

Low Service Fees
Compare our ongoing service fee for a pleasant surprise.

No More Maintenance
Forget lawnmowers or cleaning gutters – we do it all for you.



Quality retirement living on the beautiful Bellarine
Drysdale Retirement Village | 37 – 43 Collins Street, Drysdale, Victoria 3222